Joe (joecifur) wrote in entrepreneurs,

How many of you use DHL as your primary small business shipping service?

Up until now I've been primarily UPS local / FedEx global with only about 30 orders of ~5lbs that require shipping per month. Not very much. No real complaints other than that UPS and FedEx are not quite as cost effective in my experience for smaller parcels and things under 5lbs, but screw it if I am ever using the USPS again. :)

However, DHL totally passed under my radar. So I've been sending a few trial shipments through them via their ground service: less cost than UPS, two days in transit across the board, and everything arriving in great condition and well-handled. In December, even. However, they charge a bit too much for pickups at my shipping volume and their only dropoff location anywhere near me is really rather inconvenient. I'm tossed up. Any good or bad experiences or recommendations either way?
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