Meghan (vinyl_raven) wrote in entrepreneurs,

Finding the right partner

So I have a business idea, that is quite possible. I have some start up cap. but not nearly enough for my idea. I've been looking into SBA loans, but when the time comes I will need a investor or a partner with $.

So where is a good place to find investors, that are willing to take risk. Anyone have any helpful hints
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local universities, business professor are good angel investors. You need to formulate a mean business plan though.
It's a lot easier to get capital if your idea is already up and running and producing. VC people love that. My strong suggestion is that you get Guy Kawasaki's book 'Art of the Start' and read it. This question is not just answered, but explained and expounded upon in depth.
How much are you looking for $-wise?
This may something that I am building from the ground up (there is a back story to this) I have a architect (pro-bono) So I want to say 1.5 mill. Which may or may not be a over estimate.