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Cost calculations?

Hello all,

I have been working on a fair trade import business for a little over a year and it looks like things are finally picking up. (yay!)

I am a bit concerned though because while I am more than willing and eager to learn, I'm afraid I'm going to mess things up with my lack of knowledge!

I'm having trouble calculating wholesale costs. I sell retail and pretty much try to mark my items up 100% and calculate shipping. I generally make this as simplistic as possible, but I am not sure I'm doing it right. Now I have the opportunity to represent my business at a fashion wholesale affair in NYC next month and I honestly have no clue how to go about calculating wholesale prices. Is there some sort of equation to follow?

On another note, there is the possibility of being a distributor in the US for the artisan group I am working with. This is a whole different game I'm assuming than wholesale?

How can I educate myself more on these subjects so I don't blow it?

That said, I am super excited that I am progressing!

Thanks <3
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