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Entrepreneur's Exchange
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The community for up-and-coming entrepreneurs!

Before I tell you anything about the community, you should do yourself a favour. March down to the closest bookstore and invest in a copy of Michael E. Gerber's The E-Myth. It's the best less-than-twenty-bucks you'll ever spend, and you'll thank me later. I promise. If you want to check out their website, it's www.emyth.com, but it's of course an eCommerce site first and foremost.

No one ever said being an entrepreneur was an easy task -- but I like to think we can make it easier. So, when you have questions -- post here. When you want to brag about landing an $11 million client -- post here. If your clients make you want to rip your hair out -- post here. You get the gist of things. We are here to support one another, to share stories, to share ideas, and above all: To Network. Use this tool wisely!

SPAM is a no-no. That means no iPod pyramid schemes, no flat-screen television pyramid schemes, no offers of free money -- I do not want to see it. Referrals and such should be attempted on your own time, not here – especially not in buried links; no one appreciates their intelligence being insulted. While legal action isn't in my repertoire, you will be banned and subsequently reported to LiveJournal's Abuse Team. If you're dense enough to assume that the items included in the aforementioned list are the only things that count as spam, I will ban you simply on the premise of you having offended me (and our community members) with your ignorance, stupidity, or both. Or, hell, I may decide that a good ol' flame-war is long-overdue, and will let our lovely members have their way with you.

We here at entrepreneurs love the "Delete and Mark as SPAM" button. When in doubt, ask a maintainer.

Off-topic posts must be behind a cut. I will tolerate only so many before you are banned from the community. If you post, "I landed the client of my dreams and we're going out to celebrate, wanna come?", that's wholly acceptable -- "I'm so excited about this I got drunk and here's the webcam result!" is not.

Your community maintainer is smokeandreason. Please contact her with any questions, concerns, etc.

Be warned: I. Loathe. "Netspeak." If you can't be bothered to type at least the proper words (I can deal with imperfect spelling and grammar, although it makes me itchy), neither I nor the rest of the fine folks here can be bothered to read it. You'll get one warning. My community, and this is my rule. English, folks! Note: Rule can be circumvented if poster is obviously from a place where English is not the primary language; otherwise, stabby-stabby-stab.
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