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Hello, fellow entrepreneurs...

My name is Ranjan Goswami. One of my sideprojects right now is starting a local rag-type magazine specific to the Pittsburgh, PA area.

It's going to be self-published and it's definitely going to wear that fact on it's sleeve.

more than a few of my friends originally intended to follow a creative career path, but for a lack of jobs in the pittsburgh area, and with no way to get their work out there, they ended up accepting clerical jobs and what not. There's a large, untapped pool of talent to draw from.

a vague, concise business plan-type thing

i'm hoping to appeal to those that are 18-27. those that didn't end up buying into the concept of college. they eschew school activities in favour of socialising on their own. this is where the self publishing part comes in. the anti-corporate themes coupled with the lo-fi production should really appeal to our target market. new: also, a big reason i'm starting this magazine is to hopefully help pittsburgh out. Since the fall of the steel industry, pittsburgh has been dying. attempts to reinvent itself in the wake of japanese steel have been only slightly successful at best. the biggest problem it faces is that the colleges are the main draw for money and people from outside the area. once they graduate, they and their money are gone. i'm hoping that educating people on obscure facts on pittsburgh and getting them together with social events that appeal to them but they might not know of may build some loyalty to the city.

anyway, our plan is to rush the first issue(a halloween issue) for distribution at a large (possibly record breaking) zombie walk next weekend.

who knows, maybe we can then find a few advertisers.

Here's what we have for layout so far. It's far from done and kind of blah, but it's definitely shaping up. Oct 07 Issue layout (56k warning)

Also, I just designed this logo:

Here is the logic behind the design:
a high recognition designs requires three things:
  1. moderately elaborate
  2. high in harmony
  3. high in natural

The overall shape forces the recall of an M. I also incorporated the feeling of motion between the peaks on the top and the stars curving upwards. Red is a colour of passion and change which also should appeal to our market demographic. the stripes and stars also recall the american flag as a symbol of liberty.

let me know what you guys think! any constructive criticism is welcome!
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