rhymes with "ouch!" (wouch) wrote in entrepreneurs,
rhymes with "ouch!"

Furniture/home stuff import business

My family (back in Asia) are looking into exporting furniture/home accessories into the US. They have sourced the artisans/factories in Asia and there will be locals handling the QC/pricing/etc over there. What is needed on this end of the pond is a wholesale buyer (Costco/Target/Pier One...) and research on designs/trends.

My background is professional services, so I have no experience in the wholesale or export/import...in fact not in anything that has to do with tangible goods.

Has anybody dealt with furniture people or have a forum/resources they can recommend? What about events to check out (especially in the West Coast)? How do I contact buyers in this industry?

Before I leave, I wish you all good revenue in Q4!
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