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My small business is looking for others to partner with.

Hi all,

I am looking to expand my networking a little bit and help others do the same.

I own a small business called Luck for Laura -- we are based in Brooklyn, NY and primarily do web and graphic design (though we also have a strong background in writing/editing).

We are looking for other freelancers or businesses that offer complementary services and are interested in partnering with us. Basically, we are looking for someone who will throw us referrals when applicable, and we would do the same in return.

Our client base right now is largely made up of other small businesses, small-and-large companies in the entertainment/marketing field, not-for-profits in NY, and independent musicians and artists. So we would love to partner with: agents, booking agencies, publicists, event planners, et cetera.

We are also independent musicians and writers ourselves and need some of these services for our own reasons -- so if anyone who offers them also needs web/graphic design and is interested in extending a mutual discount or trading services, we are interested.

You can check out our portfolio at .

Comment or shoot an email to info (at) luckforlaura (dot) com if you're interested. Please also feel free to repost this or forward it to friends and colleagues you know may be interested.

Thanks very much!
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