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payment structure!?

Hi again!  I have a quandary in my latest receptionist search.  I own a spa in Northern VA and have really no good ideas for how to fairly structure paying my staff of practitioners (estheticians, massage therapists) for the time that I have them working the front desk and doing administrative tasks (above and beyond the normal, day-to-day responsibilities of simply being a staff member; like washing the cups and restocking the rooms, etc.)

I thought I'd pay them an hourly rate while they're manning the desk, when thery're NOT seeing clients.  What happens if, during that shift, they book a do I pay them around that service?  I don't want it to become and issue of "I answered the phone between clients, so that means I was on the clock for my hourly rate", or something messy like that. 

I was once offered a position like this-  "be here for your whole shift, regardless of how many clients are on your schedule...we'll pay you $x per hour and at the end of the day, whichever way you made the most money, working with clients or your hourly rate, that's what you take home."  -the problem with that in this situation is that I really don't want to take advantage of my staff and possibly end up not owing them any money for hours at the desk.

idears?  help?  ugh. 

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