Vitaliy Fursov (vfursov) wrote in entrepreneurs,
Vitaliy Fursov

HF-Operator - idea

Hello. I'm looking for investors and business partners to implement the following idea. Write me, if you have anything to discuss.

On October 26, 2009, Ontario, Canada passed legislation that stipulates drivers can no longer use their handsets to call, email, SMS or chat. The penalties are around $500 per infraction beginning early next year.

There are a lot of iPhone, BlackBerry, Palm, and other types of smartphones users out there that like to send emails and SMS while driving. What should they do now? There are several companies that manufacture hands-free devices based on Bluetooth® technology. While these devices are very useful to handle a phone conversation, they are not helpful with taking an SMS, or email. Still, when the phone notifies user about new email or SMS arrival, it creates a huge temptation to quickly check who is there, and what do they want. Unfortunately, in today's world user have to give up the idea of touching the device while driving, and there is no alternative to that. No, you can't check your emails while keeping hands on a steering wheel!

You can't... if you don't have a magic software "HF-Operator" installed on your device. The only solution that helps you to do your business while driving, yet to obey the law.

Here is how it works.

Every time you've got an email, or SMS, or google talk message, or skype message, and such during your "hands free" time, your device will notify you about this with the sound or a lovely voice message that comes through your ear-set or a car-speaker (depends on the type of the hands-free device you are using). Here is exactly what you will hear: "Incoming email from Emma Ford. Subject - Meeting postponed. Message - Hello Team, Due to weather conditions today's meeting with the client has been rescheduled to 4pm. Emma." From here you could move to the next message simply saying "Next", or repeat notification by asking "Repeat", or reply to the message by commanding "Reply". Now system will prompt you to dictate a message, that will be sent to the addresser in a form of MP3 file attachment. Please note, you were able to stay in business without touching the phone while driving.

What is "HF-Operator" software?

It's a software that you have to install on your smart phone simply by downloading it from online store such as Apple Store, Blackberry AppWorld, or your cell phone service provider's web site, unless it's not pre-installed on your device at the time when you've purchased it. Very simple configuration dialog will integrate the software to your phone. At that point it's ready to use. All you need to do is to activate your hands-free Bluetooth® device, as system will automatically activate the "HF-Operator" software for you.
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